About us

Advantages of traveling with the Barents.pl Active Travel Agency

- our tours are for everyone and all ages, not just for athletes
- emphasis on contact with locals, getting to know their culture and traditions
- new, active forms of holidays (by bike, in the mountains, trekking, on skates)

Barents.pl Active Travel Agency was established in 2011. Our goal is to organize original trips to unusual places or in a different, active form. We are guided by the figure of one of the most important sailors, explorers and travelers - Willem Barents, who discovered, among others, Spitsbergen Archipelago in the 16th century. We create a tour programs so that it can be fully used by anyone who is, at least, little physically fit. In the case of bicycle trips and trekking, we drive to passable places, with the baggage transported by a car, a horse or a donkey.

Our travel agency was created in the spirit of responsible tourism and we follow its rules on every trip: wherever possible we sleep at local hosts, in agritourism or in small and local pensions. We strive to make our trips leave no negative mark on the natural environment as well as on the culture of the community. In addition, the countries to which we invite you, we know very well and passionately we will show you and tell you everything we know about them.

Everybody can choose from our offer – a senior interested in world, an active sportsman or a tired businessman. A trip with the Barents.pl will provide each of you with a dose of new, positive energy. Each of you will discover a piece of the world with us.

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